Saturday, 31 January 2009

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

KATIN PRO - Huntington Beach

While surfers paddle out their team mates perched on the pier act as caddies and shout at the top of their voices while the 5ft sets roll in. 
Rob Machado took first place in this heat picking up one of these sets. Good to watch.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Huntington Beach holds the mantle of surf city usa and this morning I awoke to find out why. 
Not only were the 4ft waves perfectly clean they also broke as well as the machine like superbank of Snapper Rocks I had recently visited in Oz.
A competition on the beach on closer inspection turned out the be the Katin pro, a competition last held in 1982. Due to popular demand it was organised again and has drawn surfers from around the world including South african Jordy Smith and US shredder Rob Machado. I found a great spot on the pier to snap a few beauts of the boys before they disappeared under neath me dodging the verticle pier posts.


Having left the 27 degree waters of the Cook islands behind I arrived yesterday in LA to visit my sister while on my travels.
Courdroy lines blessed the shores of California and we wasted no time jumping in at the infamous Del Mar beach. 
The short road trip up the coast should see us reaching Malibu by tomorrow and back down to San Diego for some Sunset cliffs reef breaks by the weekend.


Today and for the last week we spent time chilling in the serene lagoon while 12ft plus, waves battered the outer reef. You can just about make them out in the distance.


While visiting the romantic island of Rarotonga I manned up and asked my girlfriend of 6 years, Laura to marry me. 
Many of you will know Laura from the surf shop. I would like to thank all of you who left wonderful messages on facebook.
much love.


The last 2 weeks have been pretty special while i spent my time in the paradise island in the south Pacific of Rarotonga (Cook islands).
having visited this place 5 years ago i returned with my girlfriend and have been enjoying the island life.
The island is an atoll and is surrounded by blue warm Pacific ocean allowing some of the worlds finest and most dangerous waves. 
Surfed by few this place remains one of the least surfed pacific islands and it was a true pleasure to visit...again!