Sunday, 20 September 2009


I have been sitting on this outstanding piece of wood for a few months now and with very little time or inclination I have found it clutter the garage, house and van without even the slightest amount of shaping planned.
After the Tom Wegener visit (read below) like any man would, I found my self as inspired as I could possibly be and probed the poor man for trade secrets and advice. Thanks Tom you're a star!
Its funny how things work but less than 2 days after the Wegener family left I completed my first Alaia attempt.
Feeling more masculine than if I had just shaped a normal board I am just waiting now for the linseed oil, and vinegar to dry before I take this finless, rocker-less Hawaiian treasure (replica) for a spin.
Feel free to take it out for a test drive and then buy a real one from the man himself.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Ozzie Super 8

Last winter Laura and I ventured slightly around the world for 6 months. During this time we visited a few countries and along with my digital camera I recored the trip through the lens of my beloved super 8 film camera. The quality is literally unbelievable when viewed through the projector however is fails slightly on this blog and on Facebook etc. 
Be great to hear your thoughts on it.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Just when we thought our summer had reached its climax and things were set to calm down we receive a call from Tiaan Bailey asking to accommodate Tom wegener (the Alaia man) and his family. 
The global board shaping star and voted best shaper in the world in a recent poll is on a European tour shaping his infamous wooden Alaias and traveling as he goes. 
With his wife Margie and son and daughter Finlay and Sunday in tow, they spent a few days in Sennen sightseeing and checking the west cornish vibes. 
Dirk and I managed to drag Tom and Fin down to Gwener for a surf on the Alaias and we scored some classic waves. We all agreed the best surf of the summer. 
The wooden treasures were stupidly hard to ride but incredible when you got it right. 
Tom spent his last evening with me helping me shape my own Alaia which I have been trying to do for some time now.
I actually finished it today but ill only post pics when its all linseeded and ready to rock.
Thanks Wegeners for a rad week and we wish you all the best for the coming tour. 

The start of July saw Brea Vean surfhouse open its doors and allowed Laura and I a few dads to put down the paintbrushes and enjoy the incredible house that has now seen a fair few people this season. The summer has been great for the house and there are big plans for next year as well as the winter vacations in store. If you are planning a trip this winter to Sennen please check out the site for more details

Get shaping boys

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Back to June

So looking back a few months now, we were lucky enough to be blessed by the presence of Dave Shep and all the crew whilst they re-qualified as Beach lifeguards. For the week the course was on I heard hilarious stories and tales of the week. The surf was pumping all week and in between arm wrestles and macho competitions between the boys we sneaked a few waves together and officially started our Summer campaign.


I am known to be slack at certain things and writing the blog can be added to that short list after adding only two posts since May!!!! I am horrified!
Many of you will know that Sennen has been ultra stacked out and finding ourselves right in the middle of that has meant even just popping a few words down or adding people on Facebook has become too difficult.
So.. in Hollywood film style I have decided to trace back through the Summer archives and re-tell the story of our Sennen summer. Its been a ride and for me the best summer to date so please enjoy and let me know if its any good.

It took all summer but finally mine and hugo's boards arrived. Hand shaped by our good selves and of course now the surf is flat!!!!