Friday, 11 January 2008

Local surfers Russ and Jill Pierre became proud parents on Wednesday 9th Jan to a handsome little fella called 'Jago'. At 6lb 2oz, Jago doesn't take after his old man who is an honorary member of the 'chunky brothers' along with legendary shaper Tyler.
Friends of SSC will know Russ as the Brightbox images photographer who captures learner surfers as they attempt to master the art of surfing under our guidance.
We wish you all the best Russ and I hope the most photographed baby in the world can reach your fantastic level of surfing one day? Oh, and Jill- you can go surfing again!

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Russ Pierre said...

Cheers dave, great to see you both last night and Jago welcomes you to the world of blogging!! Look out cadets!!!