Saturday, 1 March 2008


This British Surfing Association this week made a positive step to remedy their problems of 2007/08. For some time the BSA has been guided by an interim committee after the members chose to remove the entire previous Executive committee just before Christmas 07. The reason for this was complicated but followed a series of mistakes made by National Director and office manager, Karen Walton. Part of the committee wanted the removal of Walton, and expressed their views with little subtlety. During the months following many meetings were held with little outcome and a lot of arguments, It became obvious to the menbers that if the current Executive could not agree on the simple removal of a single employee, the future of the BSA was looking dull indeed.
This week three places on the steering committee were filled by Mark Wesson. Carl Jeffery and Matt Lloyd. A fourth candidate, Peter Urqhart of Sennen, failed to gain the support of members and surf schools in an attempt to sit on the committe and implement changes he felt would correct the BSA's faults.
As a BSA member and owner of an approved BSA school I hope this committe can now steer the BSA out of trouble and restore my faith as well as the other thousands of members

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