Monday, 31 October 2011

Samuel J

Many will know him as surf instructor sam, the dolphin whisperer or the surf school Hippie. Good friend and fellow coach Mr. Samuel J is off again.
Bringing to the school, humour, stretching and fruit tea, Sam once again has spent another season to take his tally to 8 fine years at SSC.
Over the past week we managed to find time to film his new music video for 'riding the storm'.
This still came from some of the footage. sunshine, wind, rain and early sunsets all helped challenge the filming but the edit's looking good so far.
Sam is off the Brazil for another winter this time to support his childhood hero Ben Harper. This is huge for Sam and I only wish I could be there to witness it.
thanks again for another season brother and look forward to May to start it all over again.

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