Sunday, 20 September 2009


I have been sitting on this outstanding piece of wood for a few months now and with very little time or inclination I have found it clutter the garage, house and van without even the slightest amount of shaping planned.
After the Tom Wegener visit (read below) like any man would, I found my self as inspired as I could possibly be and probed the poor man for trade secrets and advice. Thanks Tom you're a star!
Its funny how things work but less than 2 days after the Wegener family left I completed my first Alaia attempt.
Feeling more masculine than if I had just shaped a normal board I am just waiting now for the linseed oil, and vinegar to dry before I take this finless, rocker-less Hawaiian treasure (replica) for a spin.
Feel free to take it out for a test drive and then buy a real one from the man himself.

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Anonymous said...

hey what wood is that Dave? Ecuadorian? I'm in Lima,none no boards here, but people keepcoming over the border with woody things that look fins? can't be easy.